Hotels in Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the scenic capitals of the world. The small but beautiful city is the place where you find diplomats, business persons, and politicians reside in. The city is always busy with political and business activities and it always maintains its decorum with high standards hotels.

Hotels in Islamabad are a bit different from other cities. It is difficult to find cheaper or sub-standard ones. The city maintains some standards, which also reflects in its hotels. So if you have a tight budget, it may be difficult for you to find the right one. Today we are discussing why these hotels in Islamabad are too significant and What are the reasons people love them

What is Great about Hotels in Islamabad?

People who have not visited Islamabad wonder what is great about the city. Why is it all the hype and exaggeration? Well, the hype and exaggeration are a solid truth.

The city has a peaceful environment full of scenic views. The streets are peaceful with little to no traffic, the trees blow sweet fragrant air and the infrastructure is great. All of them are part of hotels as well. Naturally, hotel builders and owners do not want to build a facility that cannot meet the standard. They do not want to offer facilities that do not match. This end-up luxurious and spacious hotel with 24// front desk, online check-in, gym, swimming pool, and many more.

With man-made luxuries, Islamabad also offers natural beauty in form of Margala hills and its scenic view. Beautiful Margala hills provide peace and calm to the eyes. It makes the city environment pleasant and scented.

Some hotels in Islamabad take full advantage of it and they are built to present the beauty of the city. The hilly ramps and side forests serve best to their hotels.

What are the salient Features of Hotels in Islamabad?

As we stated earlier, Islamabad hotels maintain certain decorum and standards to meet city privileges. Some of the facilities are available at almost all of them. However, charges vary.

A complimentary breakfast is one of the most attractive features of these hotels. The buffets are scrumptious and include several different dishes. These dishes consist of both continental and Pakistani cuisine.

If you own a car, looking for parking is a must. Most of the hotels here offer parking space, private or shared depending on the hotel status.

The swimming pool is almost available at every 3-star or above hotel. Being a guest there, you could always enjoy it.

Where are Some of the Good Hotels Located?

Sectors E, F and G are considered the poshest areas of the capital. Most of the good Islamabad hotels are located here or in the vicinity. These areas are also in mid of the city and the most popular landmarks like Faisal mosque, parliament house, and high court are near.


Islamabad is high profile city. You should not lose the calm and cool of it that is the reason choosing the best hotel in Islamabad is necessary. We hope after reading this blog, you will be able to book the best one easily.