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Lahore is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan and the capital of the province Punjab. Lahore is the second most populous city of Pakistan and the greatest cultural and business hub. It is the city that never sleeps. Lahore is a cosmopolitan city that claims to be one of the wealthiest cities of Pakistan.The cultural diversity is immense in Lahore as it is the nucleus of business activities around Pakistan. People from all around Pakistan come and make Lahore their home because of its massive economical, business, career and educational opportunities.

Diversity and Cultural Influence

Lahore has immersed plenty of people from all areas of Pakistan and ethnicity does not create any problem in Lahore. This is the reason that Lahore has grown so much in the last two decades. A whole lot of residential societies have been established to accommodate the ever-growing population of Lahore. Some of the biggest stakes holding societies are Defence Housing Authority, Bahria Town and Askari.

Lahore is the literary centre of Pakistan that has a strong influence over cultural norms in the country. Pak Tea House has its own cultural and historical value. Pakistani film industry Lollywood has its roots in Lahore.

Educational Facilities

The educational opportunities are limitless in Lahore. The literacy rate in Lahore is 74%. There are dozens of the finest schools, colleges and universities in Lahore like;Chueifat, LGS, Beacon House, Garrison College,Kinnaird College, Lahore College University for Women, The Punjab University, Govt. College University, University of Management and Sciences, University of Education, University of Management and Technology ,Hamdard University, Qarshi University, University of Central Punjab, Lahore University, COMSAT, King Edwards College, Fatima Jinnah Medical University, NUML.

Health Facilities

The health facilities are abundant and easily accessible with state of the art treatment facilities even a Cancer Hospital. There is Children Hospital and Cardiac Hospital in Lahore. There are government hospitals in every corner of the city. Other private hospitals and clinics are found in every area.

Transport Facilities

There are multiple options for transport in Lahore. There are buses, local vans, auto rickshaws, chingchis and private hires. Metro bus service is an exclusive bus service in Lahore. Orange Train is also near completion for easy commute in the city.

Food and Restaurants

Lahore city is known for its variety of food. All kind of local, Pakistani and international cosines are available in Lahore. There are branches of international fast food brands scattered in all the main areas of Lahore. Afghani, Turkish, Iranian, French, Italian, Thai, Chinese, American and British food restaurants can be found along with unlimited desi food options.

Cost Of Living

Cost of living in Lahore is less than the other big cities of Lahore. Groceries can be bought from the main markets or the shops on the corner of the street. There are every kind of shopping areas in Lahore where economical shopping can be done like Anarkali, Shahalam Market and Fortress Stadium and Icchra Market. Then there are expensive market places in Lahore where international brands can be bought like Liberty Market, Mall of Lahore, Emporium Mall, MM Alam Road and Model Town Link Road. Therefore, there is everything for everyone.

Residential Rental Properties

Lahore city is full of colours. This city has a tendency of accommodating everyone into its charm. There are many high end residential societies in Lahore with complete lavish and luxurious life style and on the other hand there are areas in old city Lahore with extra narrow streets and the small buildings where multiple families share the same small residence. Then there are areas where moderate living style is followed. There is something for everyone in this city. No matter how small or big accommodation is required there is room for everyone. The rental properties like farm houses, bungalows, houses, apartments, flats, portions are easily available in all the rate ranges. There are lavish options as well as budget friendly options. The rent varies from area to area along-with location type and the facilities available.

Commercial Rental Properties

The commercial rental properties in Lahore are infinite. Being the economic hub Lahore boasts to have the finest business turn over in the country. Rents are according to the area and the location of the commercial property. New plazas and sky rises are opening for commercial usage rapidly that proves the expansion of business and commercial property in Lahore. New mega malls like Emporium Shopping Mall and Packages offer immense opportunities. Shah Alam Market is the epic-centre of wholesale shopping in Lahore.