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Welcome to! We're a revolutionary real estate platform that eliminates the need for paying any brokerage fees when renting a house. Our mission at began because we recognized that hefty brokerage charges shouldn't be the sole method for discovering a new home. As renters ourselves, we've been burdened with these fees year after year, without reaping any benefits from brokers. The main reason for this was the significant information imbalance in the market. is a platform that eradicates this information imbalance and establishes a marketplace for the free exchange of information, which previously incurred a minimum cost equivalent to 15 days of rent as brokerage. is Pakistan's leading rental property portal. We connect owners with rentals across the main cities of Pakistan especially Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. 
Behind is a team of dedicated and talented individuals with decades worth of GIS and mapping experience in creating easy-to-use platforms for all manners to facilitate everyone who is searching for a rented property or want to rent his property.
We bring to our users only the most innovative and useful of features and we love working off of our users' feedback to ensure the perfect product.


Many other websites providing renting facilities within Pakistan but no one is only dedicated to renting property. Renting is a bit small part of their services. RESIDENCY.PK is a platform which is only dedicated to renting purpose.
Instead of listing just main city areas, We have listed areas up to Mohalla / Sub-sectors / Blocks. So it is easy to post or search in the specific area.
For Owners.
By providing properties on the map, There is no need to update and post their properties again and again to remain in top search. As all posted properties are in one view.
For Rentals.
As properties are on the map, So while searching properties in some specific area, one can have multiple choice to select according to his needs.

RESIDENCY.PK is not a brokerage firm or a massive property agency. Currently, We don't charge anyone any sort of commission on renting transactions. We most certainly do not sell our users' information to third parties. We exist solely to facilitate property renting.