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Defence Housing Authority is the largest location of Lahore. There are nine Phases so far in this society. DHA is the most sought after residential and commercial society in Lahore. This society is fully planned and contains the most sophisticated neighbourhood. DHA is the name of affluence and luxury in Lahore. The early phases like phase1, phase 2, Phase 3 and phase 4 are not much advanced like later phases. There are no individual mosques for these phases. Moreover, the wiring is on the ground. However, even then these early phases are quite advanced in their planning than many other societies in Lahore. Later, phases like 5,7,7,8 and 9 have their own mosques and complete under-ground wiring.

Rent a property in DHA Lahore

There is a wide variety of rental residential properties in DHA. Single and individual houses are available from 5 Marlas to 2 Kanal. The separate portions are also available. There are apartment complexes for luxury apartments in DHA. In Phase 3 there are Pentasquare and Defence View Apartments. There are 2 bed and 3 beds options. In Phase 4, there is Goldcrest Mall & Residency which contains a high end shopping mall and at the top there are super luxury apartments. There are studio apartments, 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed options available. In Phase 8 there is Air Avenue Luxury Apartments which contain 3 bed luxury and super luxury apartments.

Pros of Living in DHA

There are a number of reputed schools, colleges and universities in DHA. The Beaconhouse School System, LGS, The Educators, Allied School, TAC School, Govt. school, Defence Degree College for boys, Defence Degree College for women, Fizaya College for Women, University of Management Sciences, School of Economics, Lahore University of Management and Sciences, Aims Institute of Management Sciences and Information Technology University are major educational institutes from kindergarten to post-graduate studies in Defence Housing Authority.

There are many shopping areas is each block and main market areas in all the phases. Y block and H block main markets are the limelight.All the major brands of clothing, shoes, watches, jewellery and bags are there in DHA. The leading restaurants have their branches in this society. There are sports clubs, high end saloons and gym clubs in DHA.There are many lush green parks in DHA. There are also two cinemas, one in Phase 3 and other in Phase 6. DHA is considered to be a safe area in Lahore as road crimes are lower here.

There is a major National Hospital situated in DHA along with other hospitals and clinics. There are many licensed pharmacies found in all the markets in DHA.

The roads and streets are very wide. There is no concept of narrow streets in DHA. All the phases follow the rule of cleanliness. The garbage extinction facility is provided by the society. There are society rules. The streets cannot be obstructed by the home owners. No get-togethers and parties can be arranged on the streets of the society. There is a loud speaker and high noise policy in the society.

Cons of Living in DHA Lahore

Defence Housing Authority is the posh area of Lahore city that is why the rents are pretty higher in this society. The cost of living is also higher. All the phases are far from the central city and need at least 45 minute drive. Though there is local bus access to DHA but the commuting takes quite a time. The amenities are expensive. There are no shops around the corner for shopping and food.