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F-6 is located at a 90 degree angle to F-5 and F-7, between 7th Avenue, Main Margalla Road, and Ataturk Avenue. It is known for its foreign embassies, national program centers, designer brands, and themed restaurants located in F-6/1, F-6/2, F-6/3, and F-6/4, as well as in the F-6 Markaz sector. The area is well-developed and advanced, with large, luxurious homes in a secure and well-maintained environment. It has a consistent supply of water, gas, and electricity, providing a high-quality lifestyle for its residents.

F-6 is a hub of a wide variety of cafes, bakeries, and dining restaurants. Safa Gold Mall and Centaurus mall, with their many brands and food courts, are major attractions for visitors and are just a few minutes away from this sector. In addition, the area is equipped with prominent schools, colleges, and university campuses, as well as hospitals. It is easy to access major attractions and travel options from F-6, including inter-city travel via Metrobuses, minibusses, Suzukis, and local wagons, interstate travel via the Margalla Railway Station, and inter-country travel via the Islamabad International Airport, which is about 36 kilometers away if accessed via the Kashmir Highway.