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G-14 is a residential area with modern infrastructure, and access to basic amenities. It was developed in 2004 by the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation. Like other sectors, G-14 has four sub-sectors (G-14/1, G-14/2, G-14/3, and G-14/4) which were announced in 2005, and a centralized commercial market. The residential and commercial developments in G14/4 are comparatively faster than in other sub-sectors, but investing in other sub-sectors may also bring positive outcomes for investors in the future.

The area has a well-organized network of roads that connect directly to the Grand Trunk road, providing easy access to Sadder and Rawalpindi for the residents of G-14. This sector offers all the necessary amenities, from basic to modern, such as access to electricity, gas, and uninterrupted water supply, as well as 24-hour security and well-respected neary by educational institutions.

Only G-14/4 is the only subsector of G-14 that is developed. And it has 4, 10, 12 marla and kanal houses. 4 marla 25 x 40 house portion is nearly 25000, 10 marla 35 x 70 portion rent is approximately 35000 to 40000 and 12 marla 40 x 80 house portion rent is around 45000. As G-14/4 Kanal houses exact dimension is 60 x 90 so the area is beyond Kanal and its approximate portion rent is around 80,000 to 90,000.

Roads carpeted. Parks and walking tracks are under construction. Keep in mind while getting house here as G-14 / 4 has water issues. Every house has its own bor, but the water level varies from house to house. Although foundation providing water tanks but in the summer season that are not able to fulfill the needs so residents suffer to buy private tankers.