I-10 Available Rental Properties

Inner Locations

Rental Choices

I-10 Islamabad is located near IJP Road and directly in front of Rawalpindi. Similar to Sector H-10, where the Islamic University is located, this sector is highly sought after due to its convenient location and affordable prices compared to other sectors. The area from I-9 to I-11, along Korang Road, is a bustling commercial area and is not only a popular choice for residents, but also for private organizations to set up their offices. The sector has several parks, playgrounds, and jogging tracks, with Greenbelt being a notable one located between I-10/3 and I-10/2.

The area is well-equipped with educational institutions, electricity, water, gas and medical facilities such as a health hospital and medical center. It also has a good network of roads, which allows for smooth connectivity to all areas of the twin cities. The sector has a direct connection with IJP Road, which leads to Murree Road and further to Chak Shehzad, Bani Gala, Farash Town, Ali Pur, Chatta Bakhtawar, Naval Anchorage, Park View City, Park Enclave, Bahria Enclave, and Barakahu. At Faizabad Interchange, IJP Road connects to the Islamabad Expressway, which in turn allows for access to Rawat and other areas of the twin cities, as well as the New Islamabad International Airport via the Kashmir Highway.

Rental Properties in I-10

There are houses, flats and some commercial properties available for rent in I10 Islamabad. The rent of 5 Marla House is between 28 thousand to 82 thousand per month. The rent of 10 Marla house is between 50 thousand to 1 lakh per month.

The rent of a 2-bed flat is between 10 thousand to 27 thousand per month. The rent of 3-bed flat is between 50 thousand 60 thousand per month. The rent of a 4-bed flat is between 35 thousand to 45 thousand per month.

Transport Facilities

Transport is essential for any place. As of other sectors, I-10 Islamabad also has many accessible routes of public transportation. Minivans are running on several routes of I-10. Mini no. 112 and 24 can be accessed from the nearby bus stops. Metro Buses can also be accessed on IJP Road. The residents of I-10 sector can also access uber, Creem and Traditional taxis.

Shopping in I10

There are about ten markets and few bazaars in I-10 Islamabad. There are Grocery Shops, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Shops, Dairy Shops and General Stores in the markets. Some of the markets are;

  • Laila Market
  • Al-Sheikh Market
  • Mini Market
  • Shahbaz Market
  • Bismillah Market
  • Ameer Market
  • Malik Javaid Market
  • Zulfi Market
  • Hussnain Market
  • Al Qamar Market
  • Rajput Market

You can find Grocery Stores, CDA Dispensary, Butcher’s Shop and Barber’s Shop in the Mini Market. In Shahbaz market and Bismillah Market, you can find General Stores, Tailor, Milk Shop and Naan Centre. Similarly, in all the markets you can find all kinds of shops. All the markets are near to homes and easily accessible for the residents of the sector. The Staff of all the markets is very considerate, courteous, professional and cooperative.

Education in I 10

There are best Private and Public (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and High) schools in the sector. Some of the schools are;

  • FG Public School
  • Jinnah Public School
  • Leader Public School
  • The Smart School
  • Allied School
  • Montessori School
  • The National School and College
  • Angelo Oriented School
  • Muzayyin Montessori School
  • Arqam School
  • Zeeshan Ahmad Shaheed Model School
  • Bight model School

Pros and Cons As of Resident's Eye

  • 1. You are living in Islamabad.
  • 2. Sabzi mandi qareeb hai
  • 3. Metro mall qareeb hai.
  • 4. Less rent, residents are simple and middle class
  • 5. Reasonable schooling available
Cons... too many but major are
  • 1. You are living in Islamabad is only psychological .
  • In actual it is environment is like Rawalpindi.
  • 2. No security, theft cases
  • 3. At places Water issues
  • 4. Kids grooming in confined environment
  • 5. Metro bus facility is little away
  • 6. Pirwadhai Buss stop being closer had its typical effects
  • 7. No one is bother about any one.
  • No cohesiveness or mohallay Dari
  • Nearby Industrial area and IJP road, pollution and dust
  • It is neither Pindi nor Islamabad

There is Islamabad Model College for Boys and Girls in sector I-10. An Engineering University, Isra University and Center of Emerging Science and Technology are also situated in I-10 sector. The famous International Islamic University Islamabad is located in sector H-10, which is about 5km drive from I-10.

All the educational institutes are easily accessible for the residents of I-10 Islamabad.