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I-14 is a new sector in Islamabad under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). It is located to the south of Rawalpindi, infront of Golra Mor Quaid i Azam hospital, and to the west of I-15. It is situated next to GT Road and is currently in the process of development. This presents a unique opportunity for investing and potentially making a large profit in the future. Islamabad is a well-planned city that is divided into square-shaped sectors, each with a central commercial area called a Markaz. I-14 is known for the Riphah International University and the office of Radio Pakistan, as well as the famous Haji Camp. It is located near major landmarks and provides easy access to the twin cities. This sector offers a great opportunity for those with low incomes, as the plots and homes in the area are affordably priced due to its location on the outskirts of Islamabad near Peshawar Road.