Park View Villas Available Rental Properties

Inner Locations

Park View Villas is situated on Main Multan Road Lahore. This beautiful housing society is also known as Rive Edge Housing Society. The main feature of this society is its attractive villas and apartments that are in great demand in the city of Lahore. This society is developed by Vision Group which is a reputed name. Park View Villas has emphasized on the modern construction of houses along with providing luxurious facilities to the residents.

Park View Villas is LDA approved societies with proper gas, water, electricity and sewerage facilities.

Park View Villas are divided into 7 blocks namely; Topaz, Rose, Gold, Jasmine, Sapphire, Tulip and Jade.

The neighboring societies are; EME Society, Gulshan-e- Ahbab Colony and Aabpara Housing Society.

Rental Properties in Park View Villas

There are many houses and flats available for rent in Park view Villas. 5 Marla houses rent is in between 20,000 to 45,000. 10 Marla houses are from 32,000 to 60,000. 1 Kanal from 45,000 to 1.5 Lakh. 2 Kanal Houses from 2 Lakh to 3.6 Lakh.

There are also flats available for rent. 1bedroom flat ranges from 10,000 to 15,000. 2 bedrooms flat rent is from 15,000 to 25,000. 3 bedrooms flat rent starts from 30,000 and goes up to 40,000.

Educational Facilities

There is one school with in the vicinity of Park View Villas; The National School.

Other schools in adjacent societies can be accessed conveniently.

  • Lahore Grammar School in Gulshan-e-Ahbab Colony.
  • Roots International School in DHA EME Sector.
  • The Victorian English School in Aabpara Housing Society.

Health Facilities

There is a Family Care Medical Center in Park View Villas for general ailments.

In nearby societies there are many hospitals and clinics that are conveniently accessed. The nearest health centers are;

  • Akhter Saeed Trust Hospital
  • SLP Health Center
  • Arif Medical in DHA EME Sector

Parks, Food, Entertainment & Mosques

Park View Villas is a properly planned society. There is a park planned for each block in the society. The fully constructed parks in the society are Lemon Park in Jade Block, Topaz Block Park and Jasmine Block Park. Other parks are under construction.

A proper animal zoo has been constructed in the society. Children can enjoy themselves with in the vicinity of their own society. There is also a gym, swimming pool, sauna and spa for the residents. There is also a cinema planned in the society but it is still under construction. However, the residents can access cinema in Bahria Town for entertainment.

The two operational mosques in Park View Villas are; Masjid Al-Raheem and Jamia Masjid in Topaz Block.


Park View Villas has separate commercial areas. The major stores in the society are Park View Villas Main Market and N. Cash N Carry. A big shopping plaza by the name of Mukkarm Plaza in Jasmine Block is under construction.

Nearby shopping options are;

  • Altaf Brother Store in Khanpur.
  • Lalazar Market in Gulshan-e-Ahbab.
  • Bolan Market in DHA EME Sector.

Transport Facilities

Local transport can be accessed from Khanpur bus stop that is just minutes away from Park View Villas. Residents can also avail mini vans and auto-rickshaw services. Careem and Uber are operational in the area.

Pros of Living in Park View Villas

Park View Villas offers luxurious and high-quality living standards. The planned roads and streets provide a peaceful living in breathable area. The security and the cleanliness systems are fully functional in the society. The under-ground wiring adds to the overall look of the society. Back up generators provide electricity non-stop in case of power outages.

Cons of Living in Park View Villas

Park View Villas is quite far from the main city. There are not many options of shopping inside the society.