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Allama Iqbal Town is the prominent area of Lahore. This was named after the National Poet of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal. This is a large town with many blocks in western Lahore side of the city. The area covers by AllamIqbal Town is 16,000 Acers. There are many residential blocks and huge main markets in the area. Allama Iqbal Town links to Multan Road, Main Wahdat Road and Main Boulevard Iqbal Town. AllamIqbal Town. The distribution of society is done by the 22 blocks that constitute this huge community. There is Kareem block, Badar Block, Kashmir Block, Rachna Block, College Block, Gulshan Block, Nargis Block, Nishter Block, Jhanzaib Block, Pak Block, Chenab Block, Kamran Block, Umer Block, Neelum Block, Zeenat Block, Satluj Block, Sikander Block Ravi Block, Raza Block, Huma Block Asif Block and Mehran Block

Rental Properties in Allama Iqbal Town

Allama Iqbal Town is a very variant society. There are flats, 5 marla houses, portions, 10 marla houses, 1 kanal house and 2 kanal houses available for rent. 5 Marla houses rent range is from 18,000 to 50,000. Marla houses and portions starts from 35,000 per portion and 75,000 for complete house. 1 kanal houses start from 1 Lakh and go upto 2 Lakh. 2 kanal houses range from 1Lakh 50 to 1 2 and half Lakh.

The flats with 1 bed starts from 15,000 and go upto 20,000. The 2 bed flats ranges from 20.000 to 25,000. 3 beds apartment rates are 25,000 to 35,000. The studio apartments ranges from 15, to 20.000. Commercial property rent varies from location to location. Prime location shops and offices rents are quite high. While, other commercial property rents are in middle range.

Education in Allama Iqbal Town

There are many public and private schools, colleges and institutes in AllamaIqbal town. Some private schools have multiple branches and campuses in this large community. Beacon House School system, The Educators School System, LGS, Dare-Arqam School, Allied School have multiple branches in Allama Iqbal town. There are countless other private schools in this society. There are also Government Degree College for Boys, Government Degree College for Women, Polytechnic Institute for Boys Lahore, Government Science College for Boys, Islamia College of Commerce and Kips Academy. University the Punjab is adjacent to AllamIqbal Town. AllamIqbal Open University and Virtual University have their campuses in this society.

Transport Facility in Allama Iqbal Town

Because of an out spring of many residential societies in the suburbs of Lahore Allama Iqbal Town has fallen right into the central and prime location of roads and transportation access. Traveling through public transport is very easy from Allama Iqbal Town. There are many stops of Daewoo bus service and LTC around AllamaIqbal Town. Moreover, the construction of orange train will make the commute to the main city Lahore and Raiwind very convenient. There are many local van routes on main Multan Road Lahore that connect AllamIqbal Town to the corners of Lahore. Moreover, auto-rickshaw service and ChingQi rickshaw service is easily accessible in the area. Private cab services like Uber and Careem also work in this area.

Shopping in Allama Iqbal Town

AllamaIqbal Town is one of the mixed community towns where the small departmental stores are available along with big brand shopping malls. The shopping for groceries is very convenient in this town as the market areas have small grocery shops. While there are big shopping stores as well like Al-Fatah Shopping Mall, Raheem Store, H Kareem Baksh,Akbari Store and Euro Store. Kareem block houses a big shopping area of clothing and accessories with all the local and international brands. Moon Market is also a main shopping area on Main Boulevard that is a popular spot for shopping. Main Boulevard Allama Iqbal Town also has the brand shops outlets on it.

Hospitals in AllamaIqbal Town

There is multitude of private hospitals in AllamaIqbal Town. Nawaz Sharif Hospital is public hospital adjacent to AI Town. Other notable hospitals are Farooq Hospital, Shifa Hospital, Al Najam Hospital, Doctors Inn Maternity Hospital, Gondal Hospital and Khan Hospital. There are many pharmacies and private clinics in the area. Mansoora Hospital is also in the close proximity.

Parks and Entertainment

Glshan-e-Iqbalpark is the most popular park in Allama Iqbal Town. There is an entertainment play land in this park too. The jogging tracks have been laid in park. Tom & Jerry playland is also a play place for small kids.There are many notable fast food points and restaurants in the area. Local desi food restaurant Pind is there, as well as a branch of Bundu Khan. There are Mcdonald, OPTP, KFC, Fri-Chicks, Pizza Hut, Liberty Burger and Kitchen Cuisine as well. Famous Chillo Roast and Khadda Roast are also situated in Kareem Block Market.

Pros of Living in Allama Iqbal Town

Allama Iqbal Town has wide roads and all the basic amenities are a stone away. Easy availability of transport facilities makes this society an ideal society with all the facilities for those who do not have their own cars. Access to the motorway is also convenient.

Cons of Living in Allama Iqbal Town

Allama Iqbal Town is in the mid of the city that is why it is affected by pollution. Moreover, there are no security cameras in the vicinity or the guards appointed by the society. What so ever the security situation is not bad in this part of the city.