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Bahria Town is the top notch location for rental properties in Lahore. This fully planned society has become popular in no time to be occupied because of many benefits it has to offers. It is a new addition in Lahore or as you can in the outskirts of Lahore. Bahria Town was situated and designed mainly for the people who come from abroad and overseas Pakistanis. But the interest of the people in its contemporary design and society’s facilities and maintenance services has attracted the people to have accommodation in Bahria Town. Though it is a bit far from the main Lahore city even then the interest of the occupants in the rental properties in Bahria Town has not decreased. Right now it is the most sought after society in Lahore.

Type of Rental Properties

There is a wide variety of residential and commercial properties in Bahria Town. There are bunglows, villas, farm houses, flats, apartments,2 kanal, 1 kanal, 10 Marla and 5 Marla houses available inBahria Town. Portions can also be taken on rent. A lot of flats and apartment options are available.There are 6 sectors in Bahria Town and each sector has one complex with apartments. Rijas Eiffel Heights, Bahria Canal Heights and JP Towers, Saleem’s Family, Palm Tower, Grand Millennium Apartments, Hussain Complexare open for rent. There are 1 bed and 2 bed apartments in semi- furnished, unfurnished condition. There are also furnished apartment options. The one thing is that all properties in Bahria Town especially the apartments are an epitome of luxury and designed to meet the highest quality standards.

Commercial properties are also available for the shops and offices.

Rents in Bahria Town

All the rental properties in Bahria Town are more costly than any other location in Lahore because of the luxurious living it has to offer.

Pros of Living in Bahria Town

Bahria Town is fully planned society. It is away from the pollution of the main city and you will see trees and greenery around every corner. The roads are very wide, the streets are extra broad. This society has been modelled on the planned societies of developed countries that is why the electricity wiring is totally underground. There is no concept of load shedding in Bahria Town as it has its own power generating system that becomes functional during power outages from main stream. There is a big hospital in the society. There are also schools, colleges even Bahria’s own university. Other universities are also in a near access to the society. There are including all the major brands in the society. Many major restaurants have branches in Bahria Town. There is also a grand hotel located in the top notch location. An exclusive club for members is also there. No need to go out the entertainment as Bahria has its own state of the art Cinema complex and many parks and attractions.

The access to amnesties is in the society is a bit far. There are main market areas in the society. Unlike, other societies, each block and area does not have its own market place. All the roads and streets are clean and there will be no trash and garbage found on the streets. The society administration takes care of all the trash and cleaning facility. There are strict rules to follow in the society like laundry cannot be dried where it can be visible from outside, any gatherings and functions in the house needed to be taken permission from the society in advance, any construction or repair work needs permission, moving in and moving out must be in the knowledge of society administration. Bahria Town is considered to be the safest town in Lahore all because of these precautionary measures.

There are scenic parks in Bahria Town like Egyptian monuments and Eiffel Tower.

Cons of Living in Bahria Town

The major disadvantage of living in Bahria Town is that it is quite far from the central Lahore city. Therefore, if your office, school, university or work area is located in central city then you must be ready for at least two hour drive daily. Auto- rickshaws are not allowed in Bahria Town so it is only suitable for people owning a car. The cost of living is quite higher in this society. The grocery shopping will be expensive. The utility bills are higher too. There are also society maintenance charges to pay. There are no shops around the corner and only the main market area has to be visited for any kind of shopping.Thus living in Bahria Town is more expensive than living in any other area of Lahore. There are strict rules to be followed for all the occupants in Bahria Town. Compliance to the rules in necessary for every society member.