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Sector I-8 is a quiet and peaceful residential area with only modestly profitable businesses, located at the intersection of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It had a well-functioning and prosperous community with highly skilled residents. However, with the development of I-8 Markaz as a highly profitable area with many established brands and local businesses, the sector has gained a lot of interest from real estate investors in both housing and commercial properties. As a result, Sector I-8 has become one of the most desirable locations in the capital city due to its excellent features.

Sector I-8 is conveniently located for accessing all major destinations in the twin cities. It has direct connections to the Islamabad Expressway, IJP Road leading to Mandi Morh and Pirwadhayi Bus Stop, and 9th Avenue. From the Expressway, you can reach the Blue Area in just 10 minutes. By taking IJP Road, which is located to the south of the sector, you can easily reach Mandi Morh Bus Stop to catch an express bus. If you take IJP Road in the other direction, it will lead you to Murree via Bhara Kahu. To the west, 9th Avenue connects the area to the Kashmir Highway and Margalla Road. The well-developed society in I-8 benefits from all the amenities and modern facilities in the area, including a number of schools and colleges, which are essential features of a well-planned residential area.